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Join our Chief Executive, Chairman and Founding Partner to hear how you could increase your client bank, offer world-first technology and keep more of the fees you earn with True Potential.

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Our Hybrid Advice model enables financial advisers like you to increase your client bank, offer world-first technology and keep more of the fees you earn.

With our award-winning technology doing the hard work, you have more time to focus on the expert work of advising your clients and growing the size of your business.

Serving more clients doesn’t mean offering them less, in fact, we believe with Hybrid Advice, the opposite is true. Your clients will have 24/7 access on their smartphone to view their investments, top-up from £1, transfer in legacy policies and even complete annual suitability reviews from the palms of their hands.

With the leading contract in the industry, you keep a minimum of 95% of the fees you earn. Plus, whether it’s this year, in the near future or further down the line, we believe we have the best retirement offer in the market today.

To find out more about Hybrid Advice and the opportunities we have for you at True Potential, watch one of our free webinars, hosted by our Chief Executive Daniel Harrison, Chairman David Harrison and Founding Partner Earl Glasgow. After our presentations, you’ll have the chance to ask us any questions with your privacy guaranteed.

Your Hosts

Daniel Harrison

Chief Executive, True Potential

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David Harrison

Chairman, True Potential

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Earl Glasgow

Founding Partner, True Potential

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Daniel Harrison

Daniel began his career as Technology Co-ordinator at financial services firm Positive Solutions, where he provided first-line technical support to independent financial advisers (IFAs). Progressing to development, Daniel helped build some of the innovative tools that saw Positive Solutions routinely pick up technology awards.

With his technology background in place, he was appointed Head of Marketing at Positive Solutions. Reporting directly to the Board, Daniel helped build end-client communications and worked with recruitment to help grow Positive Solutions to be the largest firm of its kind.

After eight years in the industry, he helped found True Potential LLP as a Senior Partner. Initially heading up the Group’s marketing and technology teams, Daniel helped design, build and market technologies that built the reputation for innovation that the company continues to enjoy.

Daniel has broadened his role further in the past seven years. In addition to continuing to chair the technology board, he has been in charge of delivering a service proposition to more than 4,000 financial advisers and has worked as head of operations within True Potential Wealth Management, helping shape regulatory and process decisions for both financial advisers and clients.

As the head of the company’s award-winning Wealth Platform, Daniel was instrumental in guiding the development of True Potential’s unique client sites and the world-first impulseSave® technology. He believes that technology can help address the UK’s savings crisis by creating a more engaging way for people to save and invest.

David Harrison

In 2007, David became Chairman of Newcastle-based financial services group True Potential LLP, which had a turnover of £144.9 million in 2019 and currently employs over 282 staff and Partners.

David oversees the strategic and key business decision areas for the Group and is a crusader for technological advances in financial services. His vision is to foster a nation of educated savers who set clear targets for their future and use technology to reach their goals.

He also believes in the value of building the right savings habits and accessing investments in a way that suits savers’ lifestyles. This has led to the development of world-first technology such as impulseSave®, which helps savers top-up their investments from anywhere in the world with as little as £1 at a time.

David invests in technology, chiefly by hiring the brightest developers from the three world-class universities on his doorstep. He currently has 24, most of whom joined the company while still students.

He is a regular commentator on the UK’s savings gap crisis and has featured in coverage by the BBC, The Times and The Guardian.

Earl Glasgow

Since beginning his career with Prudential in 1987, Earl has amassed 28 years of experience in the financial services industry.

During his tenure with Prudential, he quickly moved up the ranks from Financial Adviser to hold management positions within sales, marketing and training. In 2002, he joined Positive Solutions as a Business Consultant, where he had responsibility for building the IFA business in Northern Ireland.

Earl grew his Northern Ireland team from a standing start to over 100 advisers. Based on these results, he was appointed Head of Recruitment in 2005 before joining True Potential as one of the founding partners and Head of Recruitment in 2007.

With a proven track record in building distribution from the ground up, Earl’s first responsibility within True Potential was to recruit directly authorised firms into True Potential Adviser Services. Through his efforts, and those of the his team, there are now over 700 adviser firms using True Potential’s technology and support services. This is close to 20% of UK financial advisers.

Expanding on the success of True Potential Adviser Services, Earl was instrumental in setting up a new distribution channel in 2012, True Potential Wealth Management.

As a former Financial Adviser, he understands what it takes to be successful in today’s market. As Managing Partner, Earl’s vision and drive to incorporate technology into the sales process, grew the business to over 425 Wealth Management Partners in less than 2 years.

Most recently, Earl has become responsible for sales activity on the True Potential Wealth Platform.

Earl is also an Associate of the Personal Finance Society.


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