Why True Potential Portfolios?

Alongside financial advisers, we believe that we are all working toward the same shared goals, which are better outcomes for investors and a healthier and wealthier economy.

Managing fluctuations in mercurial market conditions is an ever more complicated task for financial advisers. Creating an investment solution exhaustive enough that it not only effectively navigates these conditions, but is also competitive, is increasingly becoming a holy grail. To apply this many times over for many clients would be nothing less than impossible, even for the most learned and talented adviser.

The World and Market Movements

We live in a globally connected world, where shifts in the overseas markets and economy, in emerging markets, fall outs from politically charged unrest and countless other, seemingly disconnected, current affairs can impact on individual investments greatly.

We mentioned in our Spring Edition of True Insight, how the U.S economy, and it’s data, filters out into the rest of the world acting as an epicentre from which no markets are safe from the seismic waves. A famous phrase coined to describe this theory is that ‘When the U.S sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold’. However, it is not just the U.S economy which acts as the barometer for the global economy. Following the results of the EU referendum, we saw the markets tumble and across the world investors reeled as a small island in the middle of the North Sea, caused it’s own bronchial impact.

These types of market peaks and troughs are not the first, nor will they be the last. A good fund manager will be prepared for eventualities such as these, predicating market changes and allocating funds and assets where the greatest potential for growth, or protection, can be seen. For example, in the run up to the EU Referendum, our fund manager partners had limited their exposure to U.K assets and, after taking their views, we rebalanced our portfolios accordingly. Although the result, to some, was unexpected, adequate navigation of a Leave or Remain vote was fundamental to the continued success that we have seen from our portfolios since their launch in October 2015.

In answer to how a sole adviser or firm can safeguard against such volatility and work towards positive client outcomes, we believe discretionary fund management not only makes life easier for a financial adviser, but is an effective way for an adviser to ensure your client’s, and their investments, don’t suffer in the fall out of market fluctuations.

Discretionary Fund Management – At No Extra Cost

Our True Potential Portfolios are a complete investment solution. Risk-rated and discretionary managed, we have a simple remit: to increase the opportunity for growth within the portfolio and to manage the fluctuations in the market on behalf of the client.

To do this, we enlist some of the most recognisable names in fund management, Goldman Sachs, Allianz, Columbia Threadneedle, Schroders, SEI, Close Brothers and 7IM. This gives us exposure to over 150,000 holdings across eight asset classes. We request their views on a monthly basis, finding themes, patterns, anomalies and threats. These are the industry brains that we hold to account when it comes to our portfolios, and our clients. We rebalanced based on these views, looking forward, not behind. This is a multi-asset management strategy applied seven times over and would be an insurmountable task for a lone financial adviser to do once, let alone across ten portfolios, monthly.

True Potential Investments boast custom built in-house technology and industry experts in the form of our Chief investment officer, Colin Beveridge and Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Chris Leyland. Along with our Investment Committee, an independent panel of financial services experts, our research capacity, data analysis capability and the advanced diversification we employ, this formula equates to our True Potential Portfolios.

To find our more on this fully diversified, discretionary managed, at no extra cost, investment solutions, please contact FindOutMore@tpllp.com or call 0191 500 9171 (8:30 – 17:30 weekdays)

True Potential Portfolios

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