This month has seen the launch of our rebranded Managed Portfolios Series – now known as our True Potential Portfolios. Not only have they been given a new name, but the portfolios are now available to the open market which means any client can benefit from investing in our portfolios through their own financial adviser. With the added benefit of every client having their own secure individual website and access via our award winning True Potential technology, no other product on the market offers such a client friendly package with each feature receiving praise of its own accord. This article will set out why these portfolios are truly unique and how they can benefit both advisers and ultimately clients.

Unique to the Market

When investing in our True Potential Portfolios, clients also have access to our award winning technology such as our impulseSave® top-up tech, our iOS and Android apps, fingerprint access and daily valuations. Each client is also provided with their own individual client website which is something only True Potential adviser firms have been enjoying, this has proven to be very popular to current users with 17,162 clients logging in so far this year. Combined, these features create a whole package for your clients.

Our True potential Portfolios are a premium investment as:

  • We don’t charge for the discretionary management of the funds within the portfolios
  • The portfolios are rebalanced monthly
  • They are one of the most, if not the most diversified in the market today.

With the aim of maximising your clients’ returns, we gather expertise from our own highly qualified investment managers and our seven strategy fund manager partners, including Goldman Sachs, Schroder’s and Allianz to achieve advanced diversification of assets. Simply by ensuring liquidity and through diversification of assets, our portfolios’ produced positive returns throughout Brexit. This proves our advanced diversification strategy is working.

True Potential Portfolios for You

For advisers, the process is simple and no longer do you need to be a True Potential back office user to enjoy the benefits of using our award winning technology. We have opened our portfolios up to the wider market, we have removed the restriction and any adviser can recommend a True Potential Portfolio to their clients.

As advisers, this product as a whole allows you to recommend your clients something very different. This doesn’t mean that it is the right product for all clients, you can identify a segment of clients who this would be attractive to, for example, those technology savvy clients who wish to remain engaged with their financial affairs and be regularly informed.

True Potential Portfolios for Your Clients

Not only do clients benefit from the features already mentioned, but the process is a highly engaging one. Clients are able to set their own investment goal and track this via the app, either with or without their adviser. They can also use impulseSave® to top-up their investment from as little as £1, 24/7 and can schedule an impulseSave® so that they no longer miss out on a payment.

We believe this product is unique. No other provider can offer discretionary management at no extra cost, with client facing interactive technology and award winning platform functionality as we do.

True Potential Portfolios

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