We’re delighted to announce that True Potential Investor was recognised by the lang cat in their annual Direct Platform Awards 2015.

We were awarded ‘Best for Innovation’ for impulseSave® and ‘Best for User Experience’ for the overall web service.

Here are a few comments the judges made about us:

It’s so, so rare that we see genuine innovation in our market. But this year brings a new addition to the market, which taps into the very thing that often costs us money: impulse. Instead of impulse spending, True Potential targets impulse saving using the impulseSave tool across its advised and direct offerings. And it appears to be onto something, with several million pounds trickling in in since launch and around 40% of transactions worth less than £10. Small amounts, yes. But that’s the point – as our Grannies said, “many a mickle maks a muckle.” And it’s getting those amounts into proper funds rather than leaving them to wither on the cash vine. impulseSave® has been designed for mobile apps (iOS and Android) and is now available for Apple Watch and other wearables. Genuinely innovative, beautifully designed and all round brilliant.”

“True Potential Investor has already had a nod for its impulseSave® feature, but the whole experience is very nicely put together. What swings it is being able to create goals, each with a different investment strategy, and monitor your progress towards them. No one does this better in the UK than True Potential Investor.”

We’re delighted with this award as it continues an excellent year for True Potential Investor, which won ‘Best D2C Platform’ at February’s Professional Adviser Awards.

All three wins show that we’re on the right track with our aim of changing the way the UK invests with our goals-based online investment service and our worlds-first impulseSave® top-up feature.

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