At True Potential, technology is at the heart of what we do. Our in-house development team are constantly looking for ways to help you do more with your Pension. No matter what your retirement goal is we have the tools to help you get there.

Here are just a few ways our technology can help you do more with your Pension.

Our Fastest Most Efficient App Yet

Over recent years the use of apps has become increasingly popular, with anything available with a couple of taps, from ordering a taxi to buying a takeaway. Managing your Pension is no different.

The new and improved True Potential app gives you everything you need to track and manage your money. From daily valuations offering insight into how your Pension has performed, messaging functionality to keep you updated on investment changes, a library to help you review key documents and everything in between. It’s all just a few, convenient taps away.

Downloading the app is simple, on your mobile or tablet search ‘True Potential’ in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and then click the download button.

Our Responsive Desktop Site

If you find accessing your Pension easier online, True Potential’s responsive desktop site has you covered. Within your online account you can access all of the above as well as exclusive insight from our investment management team and additional customer support.

The Morning Markets series takes a look at world events and what they mean for you and your money. For more in depth analysis, you’re just a couple of clicks away from the Do More With Your Money Podcast, where our panel of experts meet to review the biggest stories of the week.

With our Live Chat technology, you’ll also have straightforward guidance and support at your fingertips. Available on the desktop’s login page or inside your account, it puts you in direct contact with one of our friendly support team. If you have any questions or queries about your Pension, you can have a text chat or face-to-face conversation with our team.


impulseSave® is another piece of cutting-edge technology available to you as a True Potential client.

The world first technology enables you to top up your Pension from just £1. There are no complicated forms, phone calls or face to face meetings, just a couple of clicks and you’re one step closer to your retirement goal. In 2019 alone, people like you impulseSaved £56 million in to their investments.

Making an impulseSave® is easy, just follow these quick steps

  1. Log in to your True Potential account online or by app
  2. Select the investment you wish to impulseSave® in to
  3. Select the ‘Top up Investment’ button
  4. Choose the amount you wish to impulseSave®
  5. We’ll apply the payment amount and let you know when the money is invested

Direct Debit

Using our Direct Debit technology offers you another way to get the Pension pot you want.

Setting up a Direct Debit via your app or online account puts your investing on autopilot. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your automatically adding a consistent contribution to your Pension every month, without lifting a finger. Once set up our technology does the rest, it’s that simple.

To use our Direct Debit technology today follow these 5 steps.

  1. Log in to your True Potential online account as usual
  2. Click through to your investments
  3. Scroll down and select the policy you wish to add a direct debit to
  4. On the policy page, click ‘Edit monthly investment’
  5. Enter your monthly amount and bank details, and we’ll take care of the rest

Using True Potential technology could go a long way to help you do more with your Pension.

For helpful videos on investing and True Potential technology subscribe to the True Potential YouTube Channel.


With investing, your capital is at risk. Investments can fluctuate in value and you may get back less than you invest. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Tax rules can change at any time. This blog is not personal financial advice.

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