The Government wants to make savings easier and we do too with the launch of our new True Potential Investor service.

True Potential Investor is designed to simplify investing and encourage a “goal” and “impulse” based saving culture.  True Potential Investor has been built with the same award-winning technology and investment products currently used by over 22 per cent of the UK financial adviser market and the service is now being made available to the public for this first time.

We want to democratise savings and investments and True Potential Investor will bring a huge amount of investing power within reach of far more people. Users can set real goals for their money, use our helpful calculators to determine how much they need to save, purchase funds suited to their level of risk and get up-to-the-minute tracking of their investments 24/7 through the web or mobile. Plus, they can top up their funds 24/7 with our unique impulseSave® feature, a first-of-its-kind service that allows investments as little as £10, or as much as needed to close their ‘gap to goal’.

The investment process itself is designed to be intuitive and informative and gives investors the knowledge and confidence to take control of their finances. True Potential Investor also offers full telephone and web support, including LiveChat.

For a minimum investment of £50, True Potential Investor offers a select range of fully-diversified risk-mapped funds from some of the world’s leading fund managers including Goldman Sachs Institutional, Allianz Global Investors, SEI, Close Brothers Asset Management, Schroders (formerly Cazenove Capital) and Seven Investment Management.  Many of these funds offer exclusive pricing for True Potential clients and in the case of the Goldman Sachs funds, they are only available through True Potential.

To find out more about True Potential Investor visit An App is also available to download for iPhone or iPad.

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