As a technology-driven company, being innovative and agile has always been at the heart of our business. We know the importance of using these same principles in the approach that we take to online security, and the significance of giving you peace of mind. This is why we are adding an additional layer of protection to your account, ensuring that you have no doubt that only you can access your information.

By adding two additional, completely unique security questions created by you, this is the most secure way of protecting your account. When you give us a call, or if you need to make any changes to your account online, we will ask for your questions and answers to quickly and easily verify it’s you.

To activate the new security questions, you will need to log into your account and when prompted, enter your two security questions and their answers. It’s as easy as that.

We recommend that you choose questions and answers that only you would know and will not forget. These can be anything from the name of your favourite song, the first movie that you saw, or even the location of your dream holiday. It’s important to use something that cannot be easily found online. You can even make the answers up for extra protection, but keep in mind you’ll have to remember them.

If you invest with us already, log in and set your questions today.


To make sure that you are always protected online we have provided a few additional best-practice online security tips to ensure you keep your account information safe.


1. Install the latest app and software updates

Updated software contains vital security updates that protect your devices. Make sure you update as regularly as possible.


2. Keep your passwords and security questions safe and unique

Try to avoid generic words or personal details (such as dates of birth or maiden names) in your passwords. Build in unique characters such as exclamation points and avoid writing your passwords down.


3. Ensure that you’re the only one who can see your screen

Always ensure that you enter your details in a private location and that when you are done, you lock the screen of your device.


4. Be suspicious of potential email or telephone phishing scams

It’s becoming increasing difficult to know which emails or phone calls are genuine and which are not, so it’s important to be extra vigilant. Don’t open an email from someone you do not know, be 100% sure that you know where any web links go before you click them.


5. Generally be cautious

If someone you know has had their email infected, they can send malicious links. Question the content of the email before your read it or click any links.


6. Avoid using public wi-fi

Public wi-fi can leave you open for people to access your information. If you need to use it, install a VPN and be aware of the security information that you may be entering.


By following the simple steps above, this should help ensure that you are safe and secure online. Giving you that all important peace of mind.


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