After a successful presentation in 2014, which saw over 15,000 people register for the first ‘Managing My Money’ course being offered by the True Potential Centre for the Public Understanding of Finance (PUFin), we’re pleased to announce that it is live on the FutureLearn MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform once again.

The free and interactive personal finance course is the first of three planned courses to be developed by the Centre and is one of the top ten most popular courses on the FutureLearn MOOC platform.

We partnered with the Open University Business School to create PUFin in 2013 with the aim of empowering the UK public to better manage their finances. With this in mind, True Potential has made a five-year commitment to support the Centre and its research, worth over £1.4 million.

This unique centre of research excellence brings together academics with expertise in regulation of the financial services industry; investment, pension funds; consumer behaviour and customer relationship management; the role of emotion in financial decision-making and taxation. The Centre’s research findings are widely shared as part of our ‘Tackling the Savings Gap’ campaign in which we believe that there is a knowledge gap in the UK that prevents people from having the confidence and expertise to deal with their own finances.


Managing My Money

‘Managing My Money’ aims to improve your personal finance skills. You will learn how to create a budget and use it to make better spending choices. The course also covers debts, investments and how mortgages work. You will also explore pension planning and the different types of insurance you might consider.

Here’s just some of the feedback from those who have taken the ‘Managing My Money’ course:

I worked through [the course] and really enjoyed it. I learned quite a lot in the pensions bit, but the most powerful thing it did for me was to show me a new way of considering my finances and the importance of continually assessing the situation, reviewing plans and making new ones… I have made some changes which will, over a period of three months, save me just under £4,000.

– F. Walton

What an eye-opener! Thank you all very much both to staff and to other students who have made comments, suggested new things and generally helped me on my way.”

– H. Kitchen

“I have learnt so much on this course – and found it surprisingly easy and fun to follow – that I feel financially confident enough to make my own financial decisions… This experience has been so enjoyable that I have signed up for two more courses!”

– S. Rossi

‘Managing My Money’ is now live for you to sign-up and is estimated to take around three hours of study each week for eight weeks. The course is free of charge and includes audio-visual clips, interactive discussions and quizzes, and other engaging resources that will be offered weekly.

For more information on the course and FutureLearn or to register visit


If you prefer to learn at your own pace, you can also register for the ‘Managing My Money’ course on the OpenLearn platform.

Make better informed financial decisions, sign up today.

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