Our Investors Embrace our True Potential Portfolios

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have reached a huge milestone of £1 billion invested in our True Potential Portfolios, in under a year, since their launch in October 2015.

Over the past 11 months, the political and economic landscape of the UK has been, at times, a tumultuous one. The need to strengthen the UK economy has been felt harshly by savers as interest rates were cut by the Bank of England and the yields on some cash deposits have fallen. The impact of this domestic unrest has had an impact on the markets with increased volatility as well as former ‘fail safes’ such as commercial property causing concern for investors.

When we launched the True Potential Portfolios, we designed them to represent a complete investment solution for clients desiring the ability to manage volatile markets and seek the best possible returns, for the lowest amount of risk within each of our five risk profiles. To create this solution, we implemented what we call ‘Advanced Diversification’.

Advanced Diversification

Diversification is the the strategy of spreading your investment across different asset classes, industries and regions, which may mitigate the of risk presented by any one area. When we developed the True Potential Portfolios, we took diversification to the next level by employing the strategies of eight fund manager partners, UBS Asset Management, Goldman Sachs, Allianz, Columbia Threadneedle, Schroders, SEI, Close Brothers and 7IM, who have a combined £4.5 trillion assets under management.

By working with these managers, we’re able to discover core themes for the short, medium and long-term investment future, manage volatility and finding opportunities for growth that others can’t replicate. As we know investment styles perform differently across market phases, blending together a range of active and passive strategies helps us exploit market inefficiencies and lower costs.

This behavioural science is combined with our capacity for applying data science to our analysis. As we use our own funds in the Portfolios we can analyse more holdings, much and faster and more cost effectively, than anyone else. Our eight fund manager partners represent over 120,000 holdings over 17 asset classes, which we monitor daily whilst also rebalancing the Portfolios, when appropriate to place investors in, what we believe, is the strongest position for the future.

Always Improving

In addition to the success we’ve already experienced, we continue to find ways to improve the Portfolios. In August, we added our eighth fund manager partner, UBS Asset Management, to our proposition. This added a further investment strategy to diversify through and reduced costs to investors.
As part of our mission to democratise saving and investing, we’ve made the Portfolios available to all with a minimum investment amount of just £50 and impulseSave® top ups from £1. In addition, Portfolio clients can track performance 24/7 online and through our investor apps.

Our Views

We are pleased to have reached £1 billion within one year of launch and look forward to the months and years to come with optimism and a sense of great responsibility as we help clients invest for the future.”
Mark Henderson, Senior Partner, True Potential Investments

Our Fund Manager Partner Views

“Reaching £1bn so quickly in True Potential Portfolios is testament to the quality of this unique and innovative investment offering. In particular, we believe it reflects how True Potential has focused on delivering without compromise a range of differentiated risk and return outcomes to end-clients in the most efficient and effective way possible using the very best investment expertise globally. At UBS we are proud to be a TP investment partner and look forward to the continued success of True Potential Portfolios.”
Steve Hutton, UBS Asset Management

“Congratulations to True Potential in passing £1 billion. We have a strong working relationship with the Investment Team at True Potential with Colin having regular insight into the funds and contact with our fund managers, and are excited about the growth of their True Potential Portfolio service. We look forward to being involved in the future growth of the strategy.”
Adam Peters, Goldman Sachs

“We are delighted to see and share in the success of the True Potential Portfolios since their launch. This reflects the increasing appetite from advisers and clients for quality outsourced solutions in a challenging investment and regulatory environment. The True Potential Portfolios take an innovative approach, and as one of the underlying Investment Managers, we can testify to the high level of engagement we enjoy with the True Potential Investment team to support this.”
Fraser Blain, Allianz Global Investors

“Columbia Threadneedle Investments are delighted to be a Strategic Partner of True Potential and congratulate them on reaching £1bn of Assets Under Management in such a short space of time. This is testament to the strength of their business model, the quality of their advisers and also the excellent investment offering that they have built. We look forward to continuing to work closely with True Potential and to help them build on this fantastic achievement.”
Nick Winder, Columbia Threadneedle Investments

“Schroders congratulates True Potential on reaching £1 billion in assets within its True Potential Portfolios. This milestone achievement is testament to the strength of the investment proposition, and we look forward to being part of the Portfolios’ continued success.”
Robin McDonald, Schroder Investment Management

“We are delighted to see True Potential’s Portfolio solution reach an impressive £1 billion AUM and congratulate them on reaching this significant milestone. SEI and True Potential have built a strong and successful partnership focused on investment management and technology since 2010. Over this time we have worked together to develop innovative and industry leading solutions that help advisers to grow their business. True Potential Portfolios  is a testament to True Potential’s ability to innovate in order to develop and deliver a highly successful client focused solution despite volatile and ever-changing financial markets. At SEI we look forward to continuing our strategic partnership with True Potential for many years to come.”
Matthew Glyde, SEI

“Congratulations to True Potential Investments on the fantastic achievement of passing the £1bn AUM milestone in the True Potential Portfolios. Close Brothers Asset Management have been an investment Partner of True Potential for several years and we look forward to continuing to work with them to provide excellent outcomes for clients.”
Darren Saddler, Close Brothers

“Congratulations to True Potential! The Market is very efficient in giving feedback to new entrants. True Potential Portfolios hitting £1billion so quickly is the ultimate recognition for a well-constructed investment service. It is also a vindication for the multi-asset approach to investment, and the more stable returns that it tends to yield.
That True Potential Portfolios was able to attract the quality of fund managers that they have is a further credit to the strength of the proposition, and 7IM is honoured to be among them.”

Tom Sheridan, 7IM

Advisers Views

“My job as an adviser is to recommend investment solutions to my clients and the True Potential Portfolios tick every box regarding diversification and discoloration whilst using different investment styles appropriate to the market conditions. I do not pick funds for my client but present investment solutions and the performance figures speaks for themselves.”
Ashley Jones, Curo Wealth Management

“The True Potential Portfolios have proven a great success with both my existing clients and new.  Since July I have placed £1,840,000 of new funds into MPS as the clients have seen the benefit of a wider spread of risk, being able to invest in funds both above and below the clients risk tolerance and also the oversight offered by TP.  I have done a comparison of performance for all clients switched and have seen that the MPS funds have produce a greater return than the existing spread of funds.  With potentially volatile times ahead, I believe the True Potential Portfolios offer a great opportunity for our clients”.
David Bricknell, True Potential Wealth Management

[My clients]… appreciate the concept of effectively getting discretionary fund management, with the rebalancing of the funds on a monthly basis at value for money prices. I have explained that in an ideal situation it is something that I would wish to do myself but I realised long ago that there will never be sufficient hours in the day to do so and therefore to get this service is a big plus for them.
When you add in the performance of the funds then it is very simple to show the clients the benefit. So a big thanks you and well done to the team at True Potential who came up with the concept and delivery.

Jack Miller, True Potential Wealth Management

“Deliver risk aligned portfolios that are constantly monitored to deliver growth or income depending on the client’s mandate…frees up the adviser to spend more time advising.”
Neill Boulton, Neill Boulton Wealth Management

“Fair charging with expert management, excellent Investment opportunities with performance results to match.”
Andy Kerr, Financial Planning Options

“The True Potential Portfolios range offers our clients an extra level of management at a competitive cost. Our faith has been rewarded with solid performance leaving our clients and us delighted.”
Nigel Larkin, Enterprise Financial Services

We’re excited to have reach the £1 billion mark within one year of launch and look forward to reaching an even greater milestone in the near future

With investing, your capital is at risk. Investments can fluctuate in value and you may get back less than you invest. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Tax rules can change at any time. This blog is not personal financial advice.

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