Communication is Key

We know the value of great communication and creating mutually beneficial relationships with all of the financial advisers we work with. In fact, we work with close to 20% of the UK’s financial advisers and we are confident in our technology, expertise and drive to expand this further still.

For those advisers we currently work with, we are in constant contact. For example, during a typical month, we take almost 3,000 calls and answer 6,000 emails and queries. This does not include the correspondence that we issue to advisers including free PDF guides, updates and company news. Advisers are also welcome to our head office for training, development and a general catch up during one of our Firm Visits.


Relationships and Recruitment

Our Insight Days are for new advisers to introduce them to our team at our Head Office in Newcastle. Whether we are laying the foundation for a new working relationship, or strengthening an existing one, we believe these visits are crucial to a successful operation. Providing our own special brand of hospitality is only a small part of why we open our doors to financial advisers. We’re putting faces to names and creating a complete picture of True Potential and the vast amount and variety of services we can offer. This is a chance for financial advisers to ask questions specific to them and get the answers from Senior Management and Partners and learn more about what True Potential can offer.


Aidan O’Kane, one of our Business Development Managers, says:

“Firms come to the office for a bespoke offering on what they want to learn about the platform and our fund range.  They leave satisfied and with an even greater understanding of the support and service available from Head Office”.


It’s all about good old fashioned hospitality

A typical Insight Day or Firm Visit begins with a tour of our Head Office, where Aidan is able to show advisers our Innovation Hub. This is where our in-house technology is created and visitors can meet key members of the team. For advisers on a Firm Visit, this may be their first face to face meeting with those who they may have only been in contact with via email or phone. For advisers taking part in an Insight Day, this may be their first iteration with True Potential and we try and pull out all the stops.

The day is split up into a variety of sessions, designed to inform advisers of our new innovations and give them time to ask their own questions. Providing a space for face-to-face information sharing is a key aspect of the day and integral to our on-going relationships with advisers.

 Following a recent Firm Visit, Dave Jacobson and Bill Hughes of Arrow Financial Services said the visit had helped to “piece together the jigsaw” with Senior Partner, Mark Henderson and our Head of Auto Enrolment, Jamie Sexton, holding his own against the “rapid fire questions by giving rapid fire answers.” Dave and Bill echoed our opinion of how important these visits are to creating an honest and personable working relationship as the day was informative and interesting; however, it was “the people who made it.”


Are You Financial Adviser? Get in Touch!

If you already work with us, you can speak to your Business Development Manager or the Servicing Team about booking a Firm Visit. If you’re new to True Potential and want to talk about a working relationship, we’d love to meet you and show you around during one of our Insight Days. Contact the recruitment team at

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