With many clients suffering from historically low interest rates on their savings including those holding Cash ISAs, we are pleased to announce the addition of an income strategy range to the Wealth Platform with the release of four Threadneedle funds.

The new Income Strategy funds, with an exclusive price cap for True Potential, will appeal to investors using our platform, who are seeking a regular income or dividend from their portfolios.

The aim of each strategy fund is to generate income above the yield on FTSE 100 and preserve the real value of the investment over the medium- to long-term.

The four funds are mapped to suit specific risk profiles – Monthly Extra Income is ‘Balanced’, Global Equity Income and UK Equity Income are ‘Growth’ and UK Equity Alpha Income is ‘Aggressive’.

Income Strategy funds are growing in popularity – investors are becoming increasingly aware of the potential for re-invested income to act as a driver, enhancing the total returns from their portfolios.

Meanwhile, the rising cost of living has prompted some investors to look for a regular income from their investments in order to help them meet their household bills. Likewise, retirees are increasingly looking to supplement their pension arrangements by drawing a regular income from their investment.

Threadneedle will be the first manager we add to our platform Income Strategy option – we are currently reviewing activity across the market with a view to adding more Income Strategy Funds later in the year.


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