True Potential Portfolios

True Potential Investments are opening our range of multi-asset, multi-manager portfolios to all UK financial advisers, granting access for all clients to investments that are among the most diversified on the market.

Time For Change

Up to now, access to the portfolios has been limited to the 20% of UK advisers who use our True Potential services. Market volatility in the wake of Brexit and rising investor demand for diversification to mitigate risk exposure has led our Investment firm to open up our portfolios to all advisers and their clients.

The series brings together funds from our Wealth Strategy fund ranges, where managers include True Potential Investments, Goldman Sachs, Schroders, SEI, 7IM, Allianz Global Investors, Close Brothers Asset Management and Columbia Threadneedle.

The funds have £633million invested in them as at 15th July 2016 and work by blending together the tried and tested multi-asset global strategies of our partners, giving more opportunities  for potential growth, whilst managing volatility.

The Team Behind it All

We have a dedicated team of experienced investment professionals responsible for rebalancing the Portfolios on a forward looking basis. Clients benefit from different manager styles, asset and geographic regions in their professionally-managed Portfolios.

The portfolios have consistently delivered positive returns for investors amid continued market volatility.

Mark Henderson, senior partner at True Potential, said: “The True Potential Portfolios are among the most diversified anywhere in the UK. We have taken the decision to offer discretionary fund management to the entire adviser market at no additional cost beyond the fund charge.

“In doing so, every adviser will be able to access over 150,000 individual holdings, 20 different asset classes and eight world class fund managers with the aim of helping clients reach their goals.The philosophy behind these portfolios is unprecedented and the results are clear to see. The performance of the portfolios and the servicing wrapped around them make it a set of products that is easy for advisers to sell.”

Mark added: “The True Potential Portfolios have a starting investment of just £50 meaning all clients can benefit from a proposition often only available to the very wealthy. Clients can access their portfolios through a personalised client site that has our impulseSave® technology built in. That means they can make ongoing top ups to their portfolios 24/7.”

Find Out More

Click the link below to our new True Potential Investments website for enquiries about our True Potential Portfolios

True Potential Portfolios

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