We’re thrilled to announce that within the last five months we have added an extra £1 billion into our True Potential Portfolios, which pushes the total invested to over £2 billion.

In October 2015 we launched our flagship product of 10 discretionary managed Portfolios, designed to maximise returns and minimise risk for investors. These True Potential Portfolios use Advanced Diversification to find opportunities for growth that others can’t replicate. By drawing on the global expertise and resources of world-class fund managers UBS, Allianz, Goldman Sachs, Columbia Threadneedle, Schroders, SEI, Close Brothers and 7IM, we’ve created an investment strategy from over 120,000 holdings, from over 200 locations globally.

In September 2016, we announced that £1 billion had been invested into our True Potential Portfolios in under a year of their official launch. This was a huge milestone to be reached, and one that we were most proud of. However, we’re delighted to reveal that we’ve surpassed that achievement through our flagship Portfolios amassing a further £1 billion in just five months.

To date, over £2 billion has been invested into our True Potential Portfolios, a success that is testament to the quality of this innovative and unique investment offering.

Senior Partner, Mark Henderson, exclaimed, “This is a fantastic achievement not only for the amount invested but also the speed at which client money is being attracted. It was only last September when we announced £1 billion in the Portfolios and 5 months later we have doubled the amount invested. The Portfolios are producing great results and when linked to our award-winning technology, we are providing clients with a unique and valuable service, something for us all to be proud of.

To complete the picture, we have £5.2 billion invested on our Platform and very close to £3 billion in our True Potential Investments funds. This makes us a very important player in UK financial services.”

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