We are excited to announce that we have won The Guardian’s Business Partnership Award, recognising our partnership with the Open University.

In 2013, we partnered with the Open University Business School to create the True Potential Centre for the Public Understanding Of Finance (PUFin). We committed £1.4 million in a five year programme of financial support for the Centre, with the aim of enhancing the public’s understanding of personal finance issues.

So far, over 200,000 people have taken free online courses such as Managing My Financial Journey, Managing My Money and Managing My Investments.

Personal finance education is key to helping close the Savings Gap. Research shows that people under Forty are less financially capable than their elders, and many people take on financial risks without realising the implications. A real need exists for proper personal finance skills to be developed, in order to ensure that a generation of people don’t find themselves unprepared for the future.

Recognising True Potential’s work in tackling the Savings Gap, The Guardian writes “Evaluation has also demonstrated a positive impact on people’s confidence, knowledge and bank balances. In a survey of over 800 Managing My Money learners, 94% reported they had improved their understanding of personal financial management with 57% stating that studying had resulted in them becoming financially better off.”

You can read The Guardian’s full feature here.

To learn more about the True Potential Centre for the Public Understanding Of Finance, have a read about our courses with the Open University.

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